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I think an “I’m sorry” is in order Read the rest of this entry

Taking the Feed in a new direction

somewhere along the line I’ve strayed the course Read the rest of this entry

Breaking Back to Blogging

Back from my two-week retirement Read the rest of this entry

Brief Hiatus

Hello true believers

I wanted to give a heads up to my millions of loyal readers that I will be taking a short break until the beginning of March. Due to personal reasons, I have been unsuccessful at maintaining a healthy flow of posts so it is only fair that I give my supporters the scoop on what’s going on. It’s a hectic week and I know I won’t be able to come up with enough time to deliver content so please be patient and count on me to deliver again in March. I have a lineup of some great stuff coming your way so be patient and have faith that the JP Feed will return stronger than ever.

Forever yours, JP

Fresh Start

It took 365 days in the making but we made it Read the rest of this entry

Back from Hiatus

Hello loyal viewers, I just want to apologize for my recent spontaneous absence. As everyone knows, at times there are strange and chaotic events that randomly pop up in our lives for no given reason. The past couple of days for me have been chaotic as I had recently been evacuated from my home due to a massive flood in our area. No cause for alarm, no damage has been done to my home or the homes of my loved ones. Agitated moods, boredom, and mindless television have accumulated to be just some minor psychological annoyances but now we are back on track. So to make up for my recent blog starvation I shall be making up for it by posting nonstop these next couple of days. You may beg, you may scream, you may plead for me to stop but your cries will fall on deaf ears because The JP Feed knows no bounds. Happy Reading!


To the Free Thinkers of This World

I offer a warm welcome to my humble blog. My name is JP and this is my first post. Read the rest of this entry