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The Dangers of Racing: Remembering Dan Wheldon

By Sean Sedor

Dan Wheldon will be remembered by his colleagues and fans as world class driver who loved to race

While it is a form of sport loved by millions around the world, auto-racing has always had a certain danger that went along with it. Read the rest of this entry

Era of Honor

By Sean Sedor

With a new logo to go along with their return to television, a new era begins in Ring of Honor

September 24. It is a date that one company has worked long and hard to get to. Finally, the company that worked hard for years and years to get to this point finally gets what it deserves. The company is Ring of Honor, the third largest wrestling promotion in the United States. September 24th is significant for the company because on that date, under the watchful eye of their new owners, Sinclair Broadcasting Group, ROH mades its debut on syndicated television. Why is this such a big accomplished for a company that’s the third largest of its kind in the nation. One only has to look back nearly 10 years to 2002 when the promotion made its debut in front of a few hundred fans in Philadelphia. No one could have imagined that this promotion would have risen to the heights it has. No one could have foreseen ROH performing in front of thousands of people in cities like New York City, Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Los Angeles, Tokyo, England and many other places across the United States and around the world. The company, especially it’s prestigious World Title, has gained respect of not just other wrestling companies around the world, but by the fans. Many because Ring of Honor puts more emphasis on the Wrestling rather than the Sports-Entertainment seen in companies like WWE. Although the company seemingly made tremendous strides by putting on Pay-Per-View (first through TV but now via the Internet) and a stint on television from 2009-11 (HD Net…a channel not owned by majority of TV viewers) they still had room to move forward, and with the company being purchased by the aforementioned SBG and becoming available on syndicated TV starting September 24, they take the next crucial step towards breaking through the proverbial “Glass Ceiling”. This not just the tale of a wrestling promotion, this is the continuation of the journey of the “Little Engine That Could”, and many believe that this “engine” will reach success

Southern Victory?

Written by Sean Sedor

The First Book in the series - "How Few Remain"

One of the most pondered what if questions of all time, especially in the United States, is what would have happened if the Confederate States won the Civil War against its Northern Counterparts. Read the rest of this entry

CM Punk has made Wrestling Cool Again & why the Money in the Bank PPV was just that for WWE

Written by Sean Sedor

The date was June 27, 2011. The location was Las Vegas, Nevada. For the thousands of fans attending WWE Monday Night Raw, it was a special night. Read the rest of this entry