Stoking the Fire

Obama-hoodie-500x369  Under heavy pressure from public outcry, President Obama recently gave an unscripted, handwritten 15-minute speech on his thoughts over the George Zimmerman verdict. George Zimmerman was found not guilty last week of manslaughter in the case of Florida teen Trayvon Martin. Obama told the press that Trayvon, “-could have been me 35 years ago.” He added that he knew what it felt like to be racially profiled and how he understands that there is a rupture within the black community.

Since the not guilty verdict, public protests have been arising across the country with the tagline ‘Justice for Trayvon’. Revs Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson both weighed in on the statements from president Obama saying, “At some point, the volcano erupts.” and “We needed this president to use his bully pulpit.”

What an opportunity for the president to exploit. No doubt, he has been seething to talk about this verdict since the case even began. The first African-American president using his pulpit as a stand against racial injustice. How beautiful.

But the fact was that he didn’t need to say anything.

There doesn’t need to be any riots or protests.

George Zimmerman was tried and found innocent. The prosecution had absolutely no solid evidence that proved it was a racially-driven, malicious attack.

Remember when OJ got away with double homicide? There were parades not protests.

What a perfect time for another Rodney King. Fully amplified and magnified by the media as usual.

What you won’t hear about are the more important things going on. For instance, Obamacare’s employer mandate being pushed to 2015 or the HHS admitting that you may not be able to keep your doctor and health plan. How about the scrutiny towards our president for backing Syrian rebels that have known ties to Al Qaeda or the Muslim Brotherhood who are also in bed with other terrorist organizations?

Isn’t this the important stuff?

I guess not. It’ll just be buried along with Benghazi and PRISM.

Turned to ash in the fires of racial tension.



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