Because one language wasn’t enough

I am one who takes great pride in their family heritage. Having a mother that was born in Germany, the curiosity for my family origins was high from a very young age. I always dreamed of visiting the homela- er I mean the Fatherland of my ancestors. So in about a week I will be doing exactly that; exploring the country my grandmother grew up in and left for her family’s future.

The trip reignited my interest in learning a new language which is why I have been brushing up on a few vocabulary words before I head out.

Learning a new language is a fascinating but very challenging process. The way we learned our native language seemed so intuitive compared to how we learn languages later in time. It really makes u take notice of the interesting differences and rules of grammar between English and other languages.

It must be so powerful knowing how to effectively communicate with a broad range of foreigners. You could travel easier and know more about other cultures. It helps you become permanently linked to another way of life.

Learning German for me though is not just about being able to order off of a menu or ask how to reach the train station. It’s about being able to identify myself as a true German-American. A person who has deep love and appreciation for both nations.

What better way to connect with the rest of the world than withholding a reservoir of memories and experiences with another lifestyle.

It would be for the betterment of all if we just got a little more acquainted with one another.

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