A hard pill to swallow

One of my favorite games when taking the heat for something is placing the blame on someone or something else. It always seems like the most rational and honest response in any given situation when placed under scrutiny.

“How come you didn’t call your grandmother?”

“I was busy and it just slipped my mind.”

“Why didn’t you take the dog out?”

“He seemed fine. I didn’t think I had to do anything.”

“Where’s the twenty dollars I gave you yesterday for safe-keeping?”

“I think I accidentally dropped it on the floor when I was emptying my pockets.”

The possible questions and answers are endless but they all have a common theme. One confronts while the other avoids.

See as an avid excuse-maker, I know the psychological process of someone who messed up. The universe is a cruel and unrelenting force that constantly works against us, exploiting any moment of weakness to make sure we are as miserable as possible. It’s always someone else’s fault, it’s always an honest mistake, it’s never your fault.

Where does the buck stop?

If it’s nobody’s fault, then how do bad things happen? Nature? Come on.

Nothing commands more respect than to man up and take responsibility for your own damn actions. While it sucks to admit you made a mistake, putting the blame on anything else just makes you look worse and it almost always doesn’t work.

If you miss a deadline at work and your boss asks you what the hell happened don’t expect him to buy the whole “I’ve been under a lot of stress lately.” routine.

If you’re gonna take credit for the good things you do you better take credit for the bad too or else you’ll never get a second chance.


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