Mom’s Day

Let’s get mushy

It’s not easy trying to hide the fact that you’re a momma’s boy. That’s why I stopped trying. I mean, why be ashamed? Independent, able-bodied men like myself need to assert the important things their mothers have contributed throughout their lives.

Life is definitely one of them. We couldn’t get too far if we were never born so make sure to thank mom for the whole ‘living’ thing. It’s also important to realize that much of our genetic makeup whether we’re aware or not comes from the mother. A good amount of our habits, attributes and physicality come from good ol’ mom.

No one grooms like momma does

The list goes on but what I am trying to stress is that moms definitely deserve their moment in the limelight. Being a hardcore momma’s boy, I am a little ashamed of myself for not coming up with anything elaborate or special for mother’s day this year. Sure I gave her a hug and asked if she wanted or needed anything but I should have gone the extra mile. Cautionary tale to those who neglect mother’s day: don’t do it. Moms everywhere deserve far more than one measly day out of the year when they usually get cheap Hallmark cards or a lousy dinner at a corny restaurant.

We owe them much more than that. I always clung on to the maternal figure in the household. When it came to cooking, if momma didn’t make it then it wasn’t made right. Looking back I can’t help but feel like Bobby Boucher from Waterboy. I mean, wasn’t everyone taught that Ben Franklin is the devil?

Anyway to everyone reading this I hope that you all had as good of a mother’s day as I have.

Love you ma, this is my last mother’s day gift for ya


A momma’s boy

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