Film Noir

The Golden Age of Cinema

Being an avid movie fan, I feel like I need to get a good grounding in all the must-see classics of cinema before I could ever hope to classify myself as a movie connoisseur. For the past two-three years I have watching films in an unusual pattern by starting off with recent great films and then working backwards but there are even points when this pattern is completely ignored.

Most recently I have taken a knack for film noir. Stemming mostly from a seemingly limitless Netflix DVD library and a mother who has an affection for the movies in black and white. Before I never really saw what the big deal was about old movies. They just seemed outdated and boring and I most often changed the channel if they were on TV instead of even giving them a chance.

However my inner amateur movie wanna-be expert cried out that I must give these artifacts a chance lest I be completely oblivious from a major construct of cinema. I watched The Stranger by Alfred Hitchcock (a director whom I never really gave a chance) to the delight of me and my family. It was a decent movie but nothing like a remember when watching Casablanca and Citizen Kane.Of all the old-time actors Orson Welles is by far my favorite. He’s brimming with life which he expertly portrays on the screen.

I still have a long way to go, but my experiences with film noir have opened up a realm of understanding why old people always rave about their old movies.

The dramatic scores, the outdated sound quality, the long pauses between dialogue. It all just invigorates my senses whenever I watch it.I’m never as emotionally invested when I watch older movies. The characters seem so real which makes it easier to empathize.

Of course this is all recycled news but it’s different from reading about it than experiencing it for yourself. It’s almost like you never truly experienced a movie before until you’ve been enchanted by the works of Capra and Hitchcock.

Film noir opens your eyes even if it takes away the color.

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