Bollywood Action Movies

It’s time we take a few lessons from India

I don’t know too much about Indian cinema. In fact, I only know one thing about it. It is the most frequently made movie industry in the world with India cranking out an average of about 700 movies a year. Read that in a fact book once. Never thought I’d have to use it.

Though it is not Indian cinema in general I am concerned with. No, instead I turn my attention to a rather ridiculous side of these Indian movies.

As a moderately macho man, I can say that I’ve watched my fair share of action movies. Die Hard, Mission Impossible, Rambo and so on. Though I’ve never encountered anything like what has come out of Bombay.

Out of the far east lies a foreign country that is re-writing the laws of making movies. It has established a trend of video ridiculousness that is unparalleled with anything else in the world.

Physics play no part in Bollywood action movies as neither does plot or sense. Indian filmmakers scoff at the limitations of reality and then proceed to shoot it with an AK-47.

In Indian action movies, robots can group together to form fantastic shapes, people jump incredible distances, and nothing good ever happens to helicopters.

Enter into a fantasy world where the weirdest of the weird reside and events that could only be thought up by a hyper-active twelve-year-old tripping off of LSD occur on a regular basis. Don’t believe me? Check out the two scenes below and experience cinema at its finest.


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  1. do you really think that the helicopter would immediately catch fire from that? or that its even possible? damn indians.

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