To The Last Man

Honor above everything

There are few armies in history that could claim they fought to the very last man. The Spartans did it at the battle of Thermopylae 480 B.C. However when the saying is uttered today it typically means that the force is not going out without a fight.

The Japanese in WWII showed what honor and loyalty toward your country meant to the rest of the world.

The soldiers were almost in somewhat of a hypnotic trance for their empire. They refused to even think of walking away with their lives if ever the situation called for their sacrifice.

At a key naval base in Truk, only 100 of nearly 5,000 defenders perished refusing to surrender. During the battle of Iwo Jima, 200 of the 21,000 strong Japanese force remained. 7,000 Americans were killed including 5,900 marines. At Tarawa of 2,571 Japanese soldiers, eight men were taken alive indicating a casualty rate of 99.7 percent. In the Aleutians a mere 29 of 2,350 men surrendered making the fatality rate 98.8 percent. The dedication the soldiers held was unmatched only by the civilians. Marines watched in Saigon as whole families waded into the ocean together to drown or huddle around grenades. Parents hurled their kids of cliffs before jumping off themselves to flee what was described to them as the soldiers of Satan himself.

Nothing in modern history can come close to what the Japanese people gave for their doomed cause. It’s funny how we forget that they refused to surrender even after we dropped the first atomic bomb killing 66,000 people instantly along with 80,000 injured and another 300,000 exposed to radiation.

We were never faced with this kind of patriotism because as Patton famously said, “The object of war is not to die for your country but to make the other bastard die for his.”

Well we made the Japanese bastards die for their country.

But they were all too ready to supply the bodies.

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