Private Self vs. Public Self

what people see is just the tip of the iceberg

I argue with myself sometimes. Not because I’m crazy but because I am faced with a situation where I don’t quite know how to act.

We all have an image we present to each other along the course of everyday life. We do certain things, say certain things, don’t say certain things in accordance how we want to be viewed by others.

Of course there are those who say “I don’t care what others think of me I’m gonna just be me.” That’s all fine and dandy but they’re not fooling anybody. I have said that I don’t care what others think about me but there is a certain point when we all put on a front to hide something from the prying eyes of others.

Think about it though. Imagine if everyone knew every single thing about you and you acted completely and unflinchingly to how you do when you’re all alone.

It would all be out there. There wouldn’t be anything left to learn or enjoy or discover.

As laid out by Freud,  we all have three components of the psyche.

1. the id

2. the ego

3. the superego

The id is where all our instinctual desires and feelings of self-gratification come from. Most specifically the pleasure module.The ego comprises how to satisfy the needs of the id in a socially acceptable way. Lastly the superego has the job of being our moral compass, the conscience and standards for good behavior.

Out of all three of these elements comes a distinction to the outward and inward me.

What is fascinating is that often we don’t even know ourselves. There can be volumes of unconscious or suppressed aspects of our personalities that we have no idea even exist. Some behavior is just cognitively untraceable .

Love exposes the inner sanctums of people’s deepest and darkest aspects and experiences. Between a married couple, it solidifies the bond of one. No other person can claim such a physical and psychological synchronization.

To an extent we are all spies to each other. No one knows for certain our motives and pursuits. Societal contact is really just skin-deep compared to what lies beneath.

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