When things seem too good to be true

People tend to see and hear what they want to believe. It’s what fits their picture. Nothing seems more disheartening than the cold slap of the truth.

This however is a trap that drives many people into a problem. They fall into putting faith in things that are just not the way they seem.

Most of it is easy to see through: spam, infomercials, door-to-door salesmen (if they’re even around anymore).

Though there are still certain things that people will always buy into like gambling. People sit at those stools with their bucket of coins pulling that cursed lever all day like a fisherman waiting for the catch that will never come.

Even the lottery can be seen as a bogus endeavor. If you believe that you can ever even have a chance of winning than you should be fearful of being mauled by a polar bear and a regular bear on the same day because those odds are better.

Whatever happened to craftsmanship in this country? Everything is either made in China or too cheap and decrepit to get any use out of.

Even commercialization namely during the holiday season. Advertisers sell love all the time and the masses keep buying and buying. Anything for their sweetheart.

There’s no heart in using money constantly to better your standard of living.

Get rich quick schemes, instant weight loss techniques, penis enlargements. Come on. It’s not a wonder what we can do with what we have. It’s a wonder what we can do without. Take away one “important” thing in your life. Computer, TV, cell phone. Instantly the pillars collapse.

There is a fabric of remedial wealth that we coat over every aspect of our lives. No one is a pioneer anymore. The age of exploration is dead. I’m not just talking about geography here.

Living feels like running on a hamster wheel. We’re always in motion but we’re never going anywhere.

Maybe technology corrupts culture. Maybe time corrupts humanity. Maybe good ol’ fashioned will always be good ol’ fashioned.


AUTHOR’S NOTE: The movie Fight Club is a good starting point for this topic.

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  1. Why does the cow have a hard on?

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