Those Silent Spaces In Between the best thing to say is nothing at all

It seems these days that everyone always has to talk.

While watching TV, at the dinner table, relaxing on the couch, whatever.

When there are two people someone just has to open their mouth at every moment.

If there is silence it’s deemed “awkward” and the group just laughs about it afterwards.

A silence is not awkward.

A silence is your way of telling that which you don’t know how to properly convey.

It’s as the saying goes, golden.

People try to talk too much but they don’t end up ever really saying anything.

Sometimes being a socialite is knowing exactly when to shut your mouth. Some of the best things in life are best enjoyed in silence. A sunrise, fishing, walking through nature, gazing at a newborn in your arms.

Nothing significant, no real meaningful thought has ever popped into my head while everything around was noisily buzzing around.

It was done with a quietness where my mind could breath.

I think if we just soaked in a little more silence every now and again we would all be a little bit better afterwards.

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