The Dying Book

nearly 5000 years of written works are meeting their end

The book is dying. Well at least the book as we know it.

The very first traces of my memory are of when my mom used to read to me. The way she read just struck me and it was like I was in another world. That sparked my interest for reading.

I can remember growing up reading tons of different book series and other works in my free time. It was actually harder to think of a day I wouldn’t spend reading.

As the years rolled by I started reading more sophisticated literature until I realized that I far surpassed the reading level of other kids my age. Soon my room was a library of all the literature I had accumulated.

Now I still read just as much as I used to but I have an inner feeling that things are going to change very soon. I got a Kindle a couple of years ago to try to integrate myself into the future age of literature. At first I loved the beautiful simplicity of the technology and for a moment it felt like a book.

Then I came to realize that it would never replace the feeling of an actual book. Having the freedom to look at the back and front covers, to jump and flip to any page with the power of your hand. To feel the pages on your fingertips, to smell that new book smell, admiring the pages and binding.

Digitized books just can never be the same. Even if they are more convenient and spacious and alluring, they just aren’t of the same breed.

I know it’s like trying to stop a monsoon by staying loyal to written literature but it just wouldn’t feel right if I abandoned the books that I spent my childhood with.

These days reading passes in fads and styles. Yesterday’s Twilight is tomorrow’s Hunger Games. I give a collective groan for those authors turning in their graves if they had to look at modern-day literature.

Wharton, Faulkner, Hemingway, Hawthorne, Miller, Lewis, Dostoyevsky.

They would spit on the Nicholas Sparks and J.K Rowling-infused garbage we recycle today.

Still I can’t complain too much because at least people are reading something.

Still, it’s disturbing to think that books are disappearing and no one is even batting an eye. How many Borders stores have to come toppling down before people start to notice the debris caking their skin? Barnes and Noble isn’t far off. They will be completely operating online likely within ten years.

Books. The beginning of knowledge. Ideas and stories that built civilizations from the ground up. All to ashes. Experiences and tales have always been one of the fundamental bases of creative expression.

You will soon see them forever trapped behind the cold display of a computer monitor or shrunk into a tiny mechanical device as impersonal as a napkin.

Maybe we don’t deserve books anymore.

Maybe it is they that are growing tired of us.


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  1. E-books may be growing in popularity, but I think printed books as we’ve known them will be sticking around. There are too many traditionalists out there, like me, who still prefer the feel of a physical book in our hands. I’m not into Kindle. Bookstores may become a thing of the past, but printed books will be around for a while!

  2. What about the demise of the independent book stores!? The biggest competitor for book stores is not digital technology right now but Amazon. I’m with you. There is nothing like reading a book and feeling the pages, but there is some upside to digital technology. We cannot afford to start libraries in third world countries, but we can make hundreds of thousands of books available to many worldwide populations that may have never had the opportunity. People will read about freedom for the first time and perhaps can change their corner of the world. Change is not always bad. But it is always personal.

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