Bowling Alley Bonanza

the sport of champions

I believe there is a sport for all of us. The strong, the weak, the slow, the fat, the young, and even the un-athletic.

Bowling is a sport that appeals to pretty much everyone. All ages and shapes and sizes.

On a quiet Friday night, my friends and I occasionally head to the bowling alley and enjoy a little spirit-crushing competitiveness.

No, we’re not a bunch of fat, middle-aged sweaty guys that average a 290. We’re young and uncoordinated, sometimes getting lucky with a 150 (most of us just try to break 100).

We all have our different styles of heckling each other from shouting random gibberish right when someone is about to throw to walking right behind them as they step up to the lane.

We have our own throwing styles as well. Some robotically chuck the ball halfway down the lane while others use finesse and follow through with our roll. Others use the good ol spin and angle it just enough to keep the strikes coming.

The great thing about bowling is that it’s more often chance, anything could happen. The game is exciting up to the very last frame and we each bust the other when they blow a huge lead or when they take the walk of shame after throwing a humiliating gutter ball.

Bowling is a sport that doesn’t really take itself too seriously. Any game that requires you to wear smelly clown shoes isn’t on the top of any real list of well-watched or celebrated sports.

Heck, I still use the bumpers.

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