Of Course it Happens to Me

My slightly classy but used, 2004 Hyundai Sonata

just a reminder that life is anything but fair

There she is.

My car.


I have this stupid love affair with my car. Ever since I got it more than a year ago, we’ve shared our fair share of moments and experiences that will last in my memory for a long time. This car is a part of me. I can tell when it doesn’t want to run. The mornings that it just doesn’t want to take me to where I’m going. The days when it’s dying to rev down the highway doing 90 and never looking back. The days when it feels like stretching its wheels for a short ride or when it’s screaming for a lengthy road trip.

Lisa has a hotheaded personality. She plays my music almost always but there are days when she’s just too stubborn to work properly. She claims she has 24 mpg but I know she guzzles however much gas she wants. I’m a pig too so I can’t really blame her.

It hurts me though when lovely mother nature messes with my Lisa.

cruel, cruel fate

Yesterday I decided to do a little spring car cleaning and I took her for a wash, dry, and overall cleanup. By the end everything looked perfect but it took over an hour and cost ten bucks. To me it was a small price to pay seeing my baby look beautiful for the first time in eight months.

Tragedy struck the next day.

To my disgust and bewilderment, some stray maniacal rat with two wings decided to take an afternoon defecation on my beloved automobile.

The audacity.

Such an incident hadn’t happened to me since at least 6 months earlier and to see it before my very eyes only one day after I painstakingly poured myself into cleaning the car had me in shock.

Almost as an additional insult, there was another spot of bird crap right above the trunk. Two dumps on my car the day after I cleaned it. Did I deserve such treatment? I like to think that I can’t possibly commit a heinous crime that deserves such treatment.

But of course it happens to me.


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