Cracking Knuckles

my favorite habit

Since it hasn’t been medically proven that cracking knuckles leads to arthritis, I can confidently say that until those wacky scientists find something I’ll be cracking away.

But can I be harming myself and not even know it? Sure just like how in this very second I could be breathing in a deadly airborne virus that has spread across all seven continents and has the power to wipe off all of humankind. Though I doubt it.

What really will keep me from worrying about potential health problems is that my orthopedic surgeon of an uncle personally assured me that cracking your knuckles has no harm whatsoever on your health.

However, what about all my years in middle school when my gym teacher would chastise us constantly for cracking our joints? Apparently she is the model of good health so shouldn’t her opinion matter?

I did some research of my own and I found out that when you crack your knuckles you’re really only popping air bubbles in between the joints. There’s nothing menacing liking rubbing your bones against tissue or anything. Popping bubbles, that sounds like fun. Who ever had a frown on their face when popping bubble wrap?


When weighing the opinions between a middle school gym teacher and an orthopedic surgeon with his own practice, it’s hard to decide who would be more reliable. I think though that I’m gonna lean toward my relative maybe because he went to college for like eight years and you is kind of filthy stinking rich and all.

Even if certified doctors didn’t give me clearance, I’d be cracking my knuckles anyway. Not just knuckles actually, but also my back, ankles, and neck too. It feels good and relieves tension. Plus all the cool cowboys crack their necks right before they get in a Mexican standoff.

Excuse me, I’ve been writing too long. *Crack*

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