Cheap Seats

ESPN was never cooler than when it had this show

Alright so here’s the situation. I’m still suffering from laziness(who knew two weeks off from blogging would make me lazy) so I thought what better way to serve both mine and your needs by posting a video post.

No not my own original video but some crappy quality YouTube clips I ripped of the internet.

However there is a point to this all. I wanted to share my deep affection for ESPN’s Cheap Seats which ran from 2004-2006. This used to be one of my favorite shows. As a young sports enthusiast I eagerly looked forward to a Mystery Science Theater 3000 type show about hokey “sporting” events.

The hosts of the show, the Sklar brothers, are two quick-witted guys who hilariously pick apart each corny and ridiculous moment of old sport programs. It’s impossible to appreciate until you check out the clips below. You’ll thank me later, believe me.

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