Fighting Distractions

#1 killer of hard work
Sitting here in my comfortable black chair, I realize that I have an amazing luxury of writing whenever and however I wish. My ideal want is to post each day but I realize that I will never will myself to do that. It is because there are so many horrible distractions that pop up in my life, which make writing almost impossible. In between Facebook, Youtube, T.V., food, sleep, books, StumbleUpon, family, friends, and religion how the heck am I supposed to fit in this little ol blog of mine?

The answer is simple: dedication. When you have a passion for something it is because you stick to it no matter what. I love writing with everything that’s in me and no matter how wrapped up I get in my social/work life, I always find some small pockets of time that can be spent blogging away.

This isn’t restricted to blogging however. I have a lot of different hobbies that seem impossible to keep up like practicing guitar. An imaginary tear comes to my eye when I think of the rusted strings and tarnished pieces of sheet music I have piled in my room from the days when I used to jam almost every day. Now it seems like a miracle whenever I get a chance to rock out to Sweet Child O’ Mine.

The lesson I’ve learned is that habits are hard things to keep. When you have a passion you need to let it grow and the only way is to keep practicing. Distractions are just the world’s way of delaying greatness.

About JP Feed

Welcome to the feed. My name is JP. The JP Feed is designed as a host to a league of stories, thoughts, and wonders from the minds of anyone that either is just perusing through or serious readers that want their voice to be heard. Anything from poetry to art to just humorous anecdotes is highly encouraged. Here our main goal is to satiate our hunger for knowledge and ideas.

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