Super Disappointment

Wake me up when September starts

It’s been a while since I’ve been complaining so it’s time to end my happy streak.

While most speculation over the Super Bowl mediocrity this year has centered around the lame commercials and halftime show, I have much less noble reasons to complain.

The reason is childish but simple enough: I don’t like the New York Giants and in addition, I am a Patriots fan. In fact I HATE the Giants.

The circumstances surrounding the big game itself is enough to make any normal-tempered person stressed out. I worked till 7, missing the kick off. On the way home I realized that I had zero gas which made me stop for that taking away another ten minutes of game-time. When I finally got home it was already halftime.

Tired, stressed, and discombobulated, the Super Bowl seem to play like a mist in my mind. I don’t really remember anything concrete about the game until the final minutes.

What I do remember is what haunted me for the past four years: the horrible Patriots defense. All they needed was just one clutch defensive stop. Even if they could’ve held them to a field goal but of course they let New York barrel down the field in an 88 yard drive that sucked up every last second off the clock.

Lastly the Pats final drive was completely screwed from the beginning. Deep in their own territory with less than a minute to play, Brady could not complete a pass thanks to his receivers ineptness. However one pass managed to nest in the hands of a receiver setting up a doomed 50 yard hail mary that was almost miraculously caught by a Pats receiver in the end zone.

It was a horrible Super Bowl that reawakened bad memories from a president’s term ago. To Giants fans I wish a reluctant congratulations because you rightly deserve it. In the meantime I will be sulking for the next 7 months.

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