The Rock of My Young Age

Skool is in session

In my early years I was a very impressionable kid. I was a sucker to the most popular things and what everyone had. It was a folly that taught me to be more wary of what is “in” today. However there was one movie that I am very glad had an influence on me.

School of Rock.

This movie completely changed my young mind’s perspective on music. I never really thought about what kind of music I liked best at the time.

After watching this movie though, I am a rocker for life.

However it wasn’t only the great music that had such a sway on me. It was the great story and acting that came along with it. To this day Jack Black is one of my all-time favorite actors. His liveliness and ferocity is both hilarious and highly entertaining. The way he approached teaching music to a group of kids in the movie really struck an irrevocable bond I had to the film.

The movie inspired me to pick up the guitar, something that I have been doing for at least 6 years now (not that I’m any good). Even when I watch it today I still get the tingles I felt as an adolescent completely awed to a new world of sights and sounds.

Below are two songs from the movie that still give me goosebumps. I hope you can enjoy them the same way I have for almost ten years now.

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  1. Wait a second. You give Jack Black credit and not the dopey dad who forked over the bucks at Guitar Center for several guitars and amps? I should have went to Hollywood.

  2. fuckin awesome movie, had the same affect on my life. I learned smoke on the water and iron man from watching it so many times when i was just starting out at 9 and brought me into the rocking world forever.

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