Addicting Puzzle Games

The newest evolution of procrastination

I was never a really big fan of games on my iPhone. Once in a while there would be a game that I heard a lot about like Angry Birds. I’d try it out, play it for two weeks, get bored, and delete it.

That was how the cycle would always go. Doodle Jump, Mega Jump, Chess With Friends, Bejeweled, Arcade Hoops. They all spent brief periods nestled on my home screen until they grew old, went untouched, and took up space. By that time my nostalgia would die out and they would be sent to the digital app graveyard.

However a new era of iPhone games has been introduced. The wave of puzzle games. Now of course puzzle games have always been around but there has been no other time when they have been as alluring and popular as they are now.

There are two such games that I am currently obsessed with: WordSearch and Scramble With Friends.

WordSearch is a pretty simple and self-explanatory game. I remember back since grade school always going manic over word searches. Hearing that chorus of moans from being the first one in the class to finish the puzzle always made me the proudest kid on the block. Now the opportunity to do this on my phone against thousands of strangers online? How could I resist.

Scramble With Friends is a similar story. It’s all about the competition, especially since my competitors are people I actually know thanks to the Facebook contact link. I am a shark in that game. I often swallow the competition but every now and again there is a fellow great white that draws blood and leaves me coming back for more. It’s a mobile form of Boggler, requiring speed, dexterity, and quick thinking. I use it as an excuse to better my vocabulary for writing but I don’t think I’m fooling anyone. However it does serve as a good mental exercise.

My friends also play Words With Friends, a puzzle game I used to overplay all the time. However the more I played the more flaws came through. Games often took forever from waiting for your opponent to make a move and vice versa. With Scramble games are fast and the replay value is high.

Who knows where mobile games will go next. It’s curious to see that classic games are being recycled in a fresh, new format. It’s like our last tribute to the classics before totally new and technological marvels come speeding onto our fingertips.


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