Choosing A Blog Topic

It’s not as easy as it reads

Ever heard of that ol term writer’s block? Well it’s something I face on a daily basis. Some days it is painfully disheartening but with some heavy-duty thinking it all melts away eventually.

See finding a blog topic takes a great deal of thought. It has to be a relevant topic to the reader but also something that is fun to read and offers a new perspective. I can think of a million great ideas but there may be only a few that can be feasibly written about.

It’s an ongoing struggle that every writer faces. Great writers face this challenge as little times as possible because their minds are constantly mechanized towards thinking creatively.

Blogs offer a lot of free space and leeway to the author however. They can write about literally anything but there are some expectations that come along with every blog.

  • Short, to-the-point passages
  • Stylistically refreshing and new
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Emotion. Even humor goes  a long way

I still have a far way to go before I can be anywhere near what is known today as an accomplished blogger. Even this title is pretty trivial since anybody and their grandma can be a blogger. A character from 2011’s film Contagion (which I strongly recommend you see)had an interesting line, “Blogging is not writing. It’s just graffiti with punctuation.”

This isn’t entirely true but it does have some basis. The majority of blogs are about absolute nonsense with no direction, feeling, or humanity within them.

Maintaining a blog with relevant posts on a regular basis can be a taxing activity. I’m not here to whine about my duties, I’m just reflecting on the fact that there are times when absolutely nothing new is going on. This is blasphemous to journalists I know, but it’s true.

Haven’t there ever been periods of your life when it just seemed like a blank slate left to be filled in later? Those periods of time are enemies to writers like me. Though, new ideas will always be born even when it seems like it’s impossible to continue. Us humans have that annoyingly resilient tendency to think and as long as those of us thinking, there are those of writing.

Easy reading is damn hard writing

-Nathaniel Hawthorne

About JP Feed

Welcome to the feed. My name is JP. The JP Feed is designed as a host to a league of stories, thoughts, and wonders from the minds of anyone that either is just perusing through or serious readers that want their voice to be heard. Anything from poetry to art to just humorous anecdotes is highly encouraged. Here our main goal is to satiate our hunger for knowledge and ideas.

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