The Rematch

Another Super Bowl Showdown

In the pantheon of athletic contests, there is little competition nearly as great as that of the Super Bowl. It is a game regarded by all of utmost importance, even to those who don’t watch football. Even the commercials, usual moments of relief and unimportance, are elevated to anticipated moments of true entertainment.

The Super Bowl this year is not one that fans are unfamiliar with. Merely four years earlier was a match between two titans: An undefeated team with history in the balance and a beaten down team with everything to prove. Everyone knows what went down that cold February day. The Patriots were finally stricken down from an incredible defense and the greatest catch in football history.

This time it’s different. This time each team no longer resembles their former team. The Patriots aren’t as high and mighty after narrowly defeated the Baltimore Ravens and the Giants aren’t looking much better after barely winning in sudden death overtime against the San Francisco 49ers.

Tom Brady is out for blood against the team that stole his fourth Super Bowl ring and to even the score. Eli Manning is dead set to prove that he is no longer in his brother’s shadow.

The resulting game should definitely be one closer than expected than the blowout everyone thought would happen four years ago.

What will the new year bring? A continued dynasty or one that is starting anew? February 5th 2012 XLVI begins…



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