Finding A Parking Spot

The final hurdle before the store

It’s a frustrating task to go out to a store. You have to worry about traffic, lights, distractions, etc. Heck it’s a war zone when it’s real busy.

However there is a disregarded aspect of going out  that can be just as woeful: Parking. Now I don’t mean just looking for a spot. I mean weaving your way through lines and lines of menacing looking vehicles while praying to stop somewhere before that car comes from out of nowhere and hits you from around the corner.I always feel super paranoid when I inch my way through the parking lot

My problem is that people waste way too much time looking for a spot, time that could’ve have been better spent getting to your ultimate destination from a worse spot. What’s the huge deal with walking all of a sudden? If there are people who can walk miles to and back to get the only water from the village in a well, I’m sure we can walk a few extra feet to the mall. Plus I hate being surrounded by cars, it’s harrowing and requires me to use my ultimate carefulness when parking.

I like leisure parking. Parking that isn’t completely in the lines, but hey, it doesn’t have to be because you are by yourself.

My brother-in-law always intentionally parks in the very back of the lot. I asked him why he does that once. He told me that he hates the commotion of getting a good spot, plus it’s worth the exercise. This brother of mine is in the military by the way. He is one of the very last people who needs physical exercise. I respect him even more for this miniscule practice but I wouldn’t stand being that isolated.

I ask for a realistic and reasonable aim. If you don’t find a spot the first run through, don’t go down a second aisle, just take the spot in the back please.

Hey if there’s an open spot way up front, by all means jump on that treasure before someone else does. Yet do not be like my mom and spend 40 minutes obsessing over the best possible position in an empty, lonesome track of asphalt. It’s not like a prize or anything. No one respects you for getting a good spot. In fact, they probably hate you because they want that spot.

Don’t be hated, just sit in the back with the cool drivers.

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