SOPA Backlash

Stop! In the name of the Internet!

As anybody with a computer now knows, our online freedoms are at stake. Recently, legislation is in the works of passing a bill called the Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) which poses extremely detrimental harm to a large host of internet communities online.

While their goal is a noble one, to stop online theft, the means by which the lawmakers are currently pursuing it is very awry. It is a direct attack on freedom of speech. Censorship is for developing countries and malignant dictatorships, not the United States of America. We are the international flagship for freedom. The aged congressmen and representatives that support this bill are out of touch with the digital generation that rules supreme in society today. Them along with wealthy celebrities and music artists form an unsightly coalition against the vast majority of online users.

It is unmistakable that this suppression will not be tolerated, there is a war waging at this very moment. Hacking groups such as Anonymous are starting to shut down government-run websites all over the web, using their crack-team of expert hackers to inspire fear onto Capitol Hill. Also big name websites like Wikipedia have shown their protest through ‘blackouts’, temporary shutdowns of their service to show the potential harm SOPA can pose.

SOPA will fail, there is no doubt about that. What we have to fear is the upcoming battles ahead. Legislators will not stop until they finally get the kick-backs, endorsements, and funding they have been promised to pass restrictions on piracy. We have to be vigilant, there is no room for compromise. The government knows that the internet is controlled by the masses and we are in a great position of power of the matter.

Google Inc. has recently reported that they have collected 7 million signatures for a petition to the bill so far. That is amazing. Remember, with measures like SOPA there will be no YouTube, no StumbleUpon, no Wikipedia, and most importantly no WordPress!

Power to the people

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