Lamb: From Psycho to Hero (Part 1 of 3)

A brief story how a man went from the darkest depths to the highest honor

I stumbled on the cover story of Wikipedia a few days ago and the miraculous details caught my attention. Here is a redemptive story of extraordinary proportions.

Growing up in a turbulent household, Matthew Charles Lamb rarely saw his mother while growing up and never knew his father, who died in the United States while Lamb was young. He was under the care for most of his childhood under his grandparents, his maternal grandmother and her new husband Christopher Collins. According to interviews with relatives, friends and neighbours conducted by Lamb’s legal counsel Saul Nosanchuk in the mid-1960s, Collins subjected the boy to sustained emotional and physical abuse, beating him and frequently calling him a “little bastard”. The direction of this violence was not limited to Lamb himself, however; he often witnessed his step-grandfather and grandmother fighting while he was still a small boy.

Lamb showed violent tendencies from a young age, threatening and beating his cousins as a small boy.  He turned 17 during his first trial, was tried and convicted as an adult for “breaking, entering and theft … [and] possession of a .22 calibre revolver, dangerous to public peace”. Only 17 days after his release from Kingston Penitentiary, on the evening of 25 June 1966, Lamb discovered a shotgun in his uncle’s house. He confronted a group of six with the gun and told them to stop where they were. When two of the six, Edith Chaykoski and Andrew Woloch stepped forward he shot them both in the stomach. He also wounded Kenneth Chaykoski and 19 year-old Grace Dunlop before hurtling his gun into a neighbor’s yard.  Lamb was arrested on June 26th and charged with the capital murder of Edith Chaykoski. Under the terms of Canadian law at that time, he faced a mandatory death penalty if convicted. When Woloch’s injuries also proved fatal on June 11th 1966, his murder was added to Lamb’s charge.

Find out in the next installment, Lamb’s fate within the legal system in the wake of his murderous rampage.

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  1. My name is Steve Smith I am the author of The Psychopath Machine.
    I knew Mathew Charles Lamb.
    There is more to his story… not mentioned on your website.
    His time in the Israeli Defense Force for example.

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