The 4th meal

Taco Bell popularized it, I am officializing it

Maybe that Mexican fast food joint was on to something when they started pushing the 4th meal ads.

I know I have a fourth meal in my life.

It’s the food you eat in between the three more popular meals that have been dominant for so many years.

But I think that the 4th reigns supreme.

The reason behind this is that it is safe to say the majority of the American population are over-eaters, not necessarily obese or for that matter overweight but merely people who eat more than the average prescribed food intake. That is why this fourth meal is so important. A lot of the time three meals are just not enough. The fourth meal makes up that midnight snack you always crave for when the house is asleep and you are still glued to the tube watching Late Night. The fourth meal is that bag of chips you eat about an hour after lunch. The fourth meal is that bowl of ice cream you can’t resist after scarfing down a delicious dinner. For many, the fourth meal is a best friend but for others it’s a worst nightmare.

I couldn’t live without it. The fourth meal shows my love for food, it’s the nourishment I don’t REALLY need but I choose to take just because I can. It also saves me from boredom on occasion.

So this post is another ode but this time to food. I don’t encourage gluttony because food can be like a drug but when contained in reasonable boundaries, a good extra meal can be a beautiful thing.

Just remember, 3 may make a tricycle but 4 makes a car. Make a car and eat the fourth meal.

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