The most irritating part of sports

Sitting and enjoying a game can be a taxing activity. It may be cold, there may be obnoxious fans behind you, and sometimes there are just long stretches of time where absolutely nothing interesting is happening.

But there is that one distraction you can always count on.

The Cheerleaders.

Now not every sport is graced by these wonderful ladies but when they are there, it isn’t hard to notice their presence.

Their duty is to keep morale high and cheer on the team. I have no problem with this but what I do have a problem with is how they do it.

It’s mostly their voices. High pitch, screeching, unrelenting voices. Now if you think the sound of children is bad, cheerleaders make them look like babies…wait bad analogy. They make them seem like mute elderly people. Another thing that gets under my skin is how half-heartedly some of them always cheer. Now if you’re going to irritate me, at least put your heart into it especially when your sole task is to act enthusiastic.

Overall, I think cheerleaders cost far more than they’re worth. Contrary to pop culture belief, cheerleaders are not the pampered beauty goddesses we always expect them to be. They are just your average, annoying, bubbly girls that didn’t have enough athletic talent to make it into any real sport (please don’t try to say that cheerleading is a sport). I have plenty of spirit you don’t need to spell it out for me.


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