Overly Polite Drivers

Drivers need to toughen up

There are many bad drivers on the road as I mentioned in a post way back but I forgot to mention a certain sect of these drivers that makes me particularly angry.

Drivers who feel like they are the absolute dust of the Earth.

Not that they aren’t but they should at least drive with a little more confidence. It happens almost every day. I pull up to a stop sign noticeably one or two seconds after a car on my right or left. What do they do? They wave me on like a mindless idiot even though they obviously have the right of way. This is so frustrating that it almost makes me cringe whenever I see a stop sign. The rule is that if you get there first than you have the right of way. Period. No exceptions. However, there seems to be a hidden society of self-appointed good Samaritans who feel the need to spread their vehicular bliss with the rest of the world.

No thanks, I would rather you cut me off than leave me waiting an extra thirty seconds as we make a game of who can wave the other person on most extraneously before I finally conclude to myself that you are an idiot and drive off cursing under my breath. Courtesy is a wonderful thing but in the world of driving it has strict allocations that need to be followed. Letting others go before you even though it makes sense to go first, is one people need to get out of their mind.

Another irritating observation I’ve made is that some people wait for you to walk across the street alongside of them even though they are only continuing forward and will in no way make contact with you. Why? Do you feel the need to now become a guardian motor angel and make sure I cross without stubbing my toe? If you’re not turning then just go, don’t wait for me to do what I was just doing a second ago: walking.

It amazes me how drivers mistake politeness for idiocy. If only they were so nice outside of their cars.


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