Searching for Meaning

English: The Mad Hatter, illustration by John ...

Don’t over analyze it

Understanding humanity is not an easy task. Many have tried and so far no one has a clear-cut answer. As humans we are capable of truly amazing and horrific things. We can explore the infinite shades of life’s spectrum throughout the course of our brief history. However, an extremely frustrating thing though is trying to attach a meaning to every single aspect of life.

As humans we are innate with the desire to know everything there is to know and experience every single sensation imaginable. We have an ingrained thirst to assimilate all of our knowledge and utilize it to maximize our capacity for happiness.

But eventually at a certain point we have to deal with the facts that life contains many chaotic and unexplainable factors that are not meant to be explored.

In Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, The Mad Hatter asks Alice, “Why is a raven like a writing desk?” In the mix of the conversation the answer is never stated which left readers at a loss, craving for an answer to a ridiculous riddle. Carroll never intended for there to be an answer, he instead included the amusing question as a addition to the delirious happenings that protruded throughout the book. People still however obsessively attempted to attribute an answer to the riddle just to satiate their need for an established order.

My question is, “Why does there always needs to be a concrete purpose for everything in entertainment.” During movies my friends always try to piece together every single detail of the film thinking that the director perfectly included each component to explain everything. This isn’t always the case. Life is a constant and arbitrarily changing variable. Perhaps showing a work that reflects this theme is not necessarily a bad thing. While disorder is not an appealing facet of life it still is very prevalent. There’s no need to get mad at madness.



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