Tebow Fever

The Mile High City Miracle Man

Alright, I realize that I am probably the last guy that is picking up on this story but it’s time to jump on this train while it’s still hot (think i just spliced expressions o well). The entire football community has noticed that the Denver Broncos have gone through one giant turnaround with winning seven of their last eight games. Credit needs to go where its due and Tebow has already faced many waves of praise but also of criticism most notably from former Denver quarterback and hall of famer John Elway.

The fact remains that the kid is just not a good quarterback. That is definitive and no one is arguing it. What is to be contested is whether if his wins have come from skill or just divine intervention? It may just be a mixture of both as it can be seen that his statistics always kick into high gear when the game needs to be won. Almost all of his favorable outcomes so far have occurred in the fourth quarter or= overtime.

Now the guy knows how to win football games but he is still not the only one who is the contributing factor. The QB still has to answer to a head coach and his name is John Fox. Another unsung hero in the equation is Willis McGahee. He’s earned a respectable 920 yards on the ground this season and has done a good job in keeping the momentum going during long drives.

As far as the bandwagon goes. I’m good with watching from a distance. The fever will pass as they always do and while the hot streak is commendable there is no silver lining for any significant playoff impact. Still, for a newbie Tebow has a very promising future ahead of him and if he can improve on his passing performance than there may just be a spot in the Super Bowl for him some day.

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  1. I have Tebow fever!!! Hahahaha! Never thought I would! I have to admit, I can’t root against Tebow! He’s the man! I hope they take down the Patriots!

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