Overzealous Sports Parents

Striking fear into little kids on and off the field

Parents can be embarrassing. This is a universal truth. The degrees of embarrassment vary from parent to parent. Introducing new girlfriend/boyfriends, spending time together in public and family dinners are all appropriate venues for children to receive their regular intervals of humiliation from the individuals responsible for their existence. However, there is still hope that kids can live freely without being mortified by their parents.

One of the only havens kids can rely on from their cringeworthy progenitors is at school. But like at home, school is a host of all new stresses and emotional pain from fellow students, teachers, and faculty. Sports is usually a student’s only true escape from all this duress. However, it is well-recognized that parents are ruining sporting events too.

Parents shouting at referees, coaches and players is just sad to watch. To me it just reflects a pathetic over-interest into a child’s game. Support is always appreciated but I wouldn’t want my mom screaming at the official for making a bad call and getting ejected making me and my whole family look like idiots. Restraint needs to be in order. How can we expect kids to mature and practice self-discipline when their parents can’t even provide as a good example?

Save the criticisms for the living room, when sports that matter are on T.V. Anything else just borders on infantile.

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