Sitcom Fails

Two examples on why cashing in usually goes sour

A funny sitcom is hard to find today. For me, I can only pick out about four shows that I really like to watch over and over. The rest is just mindless crap that gets recycled through the tasteless viewers of the masses. There are sometimes though, blazingly awful T.V. shows. Sometimes I remember these shows more than the ones I like just because it is shocking how horrible they are. My two examples of T.V. gone way wrong are That 80’s show and Cavemen.

Following the initial success of That 70’s show, the producers decided to go for the winning recipe again except a decade in the future. What boggles my mind is how they thought it could ever be successful. Lame characters. No plot. Obviously made for the sole purpose of getting cash. Pathetic.

I can remember being in awe when seeing T.V. spots for the show because I thought it was one giant practical joke on television viewers. With 13 episodes before getting the axe, it hardly made an impression on anyone besides me.

Then there’s Cavemen.

I have heard of television spin-offs but never have I heard of commercial spin-offs. A successful commercial being turned into a T.V. series? It is the absolute definition of greed. There is absolutely no basis to make a funny series out of a 30 second commercial. The commercials are funny in the first place because they are at least aware of their limited room for funniness. The ads are cute but extending it to 22 minutes? That’s ridiculous. It’s not like people were out on the street begging for a television show to be made out of a decently funny T.V. spot.¬† Maybe if T.V. execs had one ounce of creativity in them they’d be able to come up with¬† something that isn’t ripped off every facet of pop culture. And people ask why I read books…


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