Overplayed Christmas Music

It’s the most wonderful time to drive you crazy

As the last month of our year finally rolls in, it’s time to make preparations for the upcoming holiday celebrations coming our way. December is a time for snow, family, and festivities but somewhere down the line the traditions become a little overbearing. I see houses with Christmas lights and decorations completely covering every square inch of the property. Sure it looks pretty but I look at the thing for five seconds before I continue on. The people who set that up must’ve spent hours just to make their home look like the Christmas electricity headquarters for the entire block. I think the practice is ridiculous, such strenuous efforts should be reserved for wider audiences like Madison Square Garden or a similar venue. However that is not my greatest annoyance when winter makes its miserable arrival.

Every year radio stations everywhere make it their personal agenda to make my life a living hell for the last two months of the year. Is it necessary to start the Christmas tunes in the first week of November? My mind is still pondering the magnificent Thanksgiving feast before I can even consider anything related to Christmas. Another unbearable feature of the monotonous jingles is that all the repetitive lyrics offer absolutely nothing new. Yes we realize it is Christmas and that happiness will follow. Anything else to say? No? Alright leave me alone now. My favorite Christmas songs are the ones without the word ‘Christmas’ even in it. At least they have the gall to tackle repetition head on.

It’s a shame that disc jockeys have to ruin wonderful music through their irresponsible overuse of clich├ęd songs because I actually like Christmas music out of season. Even in the heart of a sweltering July I can still happily bust out Jingle Bell Rock and listen with joy even though it isn’t at the appropriate time. When the songs are played 24/7 for two months there is nothing special or magical about them anymore. It seems like we are obligated to play the tunes not because we enjoy hearing them but because it just fits the time and because society is so used to it that anything else is taboo. Call me Scrooge but I am humbugging the radio till our holiday stupor is finally over.


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