Flying Saucers

When imagination meets paranoia

When I am approached by friends and family about conspiracies, I am always a skeptic. I can’t think of a single scheme that I’ve heard of which makes me question what is really going on. This occurs mostly because of a lack of evidence but other times I hear something so ridiculous that I don’t even entertain its possibility. Contact with aliens falls under this category.

Science Fiction's greatest creation


Now I am not ruling out the possibility of extraterrestrial life in our universe. There are very good chances that this is true, I merely believe we have not come in contact with these other-worldly specimens yet or will anytime soon.

Just look at our image of the average “alien”. No not the Mexicans, I mean space aliens. It is simply astounding how anyone could think this isn’t man-made. It either just removes features of the human body or amplifies them to an extreme. No nose, no ears, giant eyes, giant forehead, giant head, long fingers, etc.

What really kills me however is their spacecraft. A flying saucer. An aerodynamic dish used as the surface for a coffee cup. Alright so what would be mankind’s greatest discovery and the harbingers of the greatest source of knowledge we could ever hope for is delivered to us on a cafe utensil?

When I think of a flying saucer I think of a frisbee and rightfully so. Frisbees are cool, they require some skill to use, and can be the source of hours of entertainment. Yes recently they have become the unfortunate victim of pretty-boy, brainless beach tools across the country but I hope the rest of us can look past this minor infraction on what is awesome. Frisbees can be skipped, thrown multiple ways, and caught in some pretty “gnarly” positions. My only fear is of the mindless junkies that take ultimate Frisbee WAY too seriously. I think the video below can explain.


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