Phony Facebook Friends

Let’s face it, you’re not as popular as you seem to be

Yesterday I decided to take a visit to my friends list on Facebook just to see what names came up. I always knew I accepted friend requests from people I did not know but I never really had an idea how many I was friends with. I was taken aback when I spotted name after name of people who I had never met in my life or that I just plain never talked to.

So in the spirit of cleaning out the old and making way for the new, I decided to completely delete all the names of people I never talked to in years, strangers and people who just plain annoyed me. It took me over an hour to cleanse the list but by the end I had terminated the so-called “friendship” of over 300 people. It felt good. It felt really good and I suggest that everybody try it some time.

Once I finished I realized how self-absorbed I was in the whole popularity scheme of it all. I know some people accept friend requests just to be nice but most of the time it really is about just getting a huge load of friends and being in network with everyone else. So many people do it that it just natural to do it yourself, you almost get drawn into it, before long you have 847 friends. You will most likely know 6% of that and the rest are people you have either heard of obscurely somewhere or else think they are attractive enough to earn their spot on your friend list.

After about a little over a year of this I got fed up with my news feed being jam-packed with a shmorgishborg of stories containing people I didn’t care in the least about. The word “friend” is a special term that should be saved for individuals we have real connections with and care about, not just random names that can be drawn out of a hat. It’s important that we do not let the digital landscape change our view on the values we hold within our daily lives. It’s just one more sign of the humanity being lost in each of us.

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