Gauging Intelligence

It’s becoming more evident everyday how eschew the education system is.

Teachers, an instrumental assistant for the direction of today’s youth, are being paid a laughable salary.

Students put more effort into ways of cheating the system than conquering it.

Good grades are laid upon a convoluted foundation.

Parents drive their kids to study hard to do well in school but isn’t this studying mere memorization? What can a student learn more from: Memorizing the answer or achieving the answer themselves after instruction? Interactive education is far more successful and should be more relied on in every aspect of education. A kid that studies for every test all the time and get straight A’s is hailed as an intellectual hero. But maybe that kid is just good at studying. Does this indicate success and potential? Possibly but usually not. This is how the system is messed up. Creativity needs to be just as important a factor in the process. There’s a saying that your report card is not a reflection of intelligence but a reflection of interest. This sounds like a more accurate assessment but there is still some uncomfortable room here. Mary may love science and study all the time but she still fails her tests. What is the problem? The problem could be that Mary just can’t put her whole heart into cut-and-dry practice problems and boring lab reports. School needs to be intriguing, thought-provoking, invigorating, and fun! Yes I said school needs to be fun. Make skool cool. Most people choose their careers because they kinda like doing whatever they chose. Studying should be a by-product of a good student not the source of it. Volumes can be written further explaining the implications involved with realigning the education system but this post can be read as an introduction to it. It would be really cool to here some feedback on this topic because there is a lot of room for discussion.

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  1. I agree with a lot of what you are saying here. The kind of attitude you are describing is reminiscent of high school students. College is a whole other game where you pretty much learn and study what you want because you want to. At least that is how I feel about it.

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