Flagging Football

What better way to kill a game than with rules?

People get excitement out of watching football. The roar of the fans. The clash of the linemen. The flight of the ball forty yards down the field. It is truly one of the greatest rushes a person could get when watching sports. There are points of mass pandemonium and the moments in between are just periods of anticipation for the next big play.

However, gradually penalty flags have been completely eroding all the fun that is in football.

A quarterback passes the ball twenty yards down perfectly between two defenders. The receiver jukes a would-be tackle and dashes down the field for a fifty yard touchdown in what would’ve been an earth-shattering play. But wait. That pee-colored piece of cloth comes flying out from the anonymous sidelines to indicate that a one player that had nothing to do with the play shoved a little too hard on a block. Therefore the spectacular performance millions had just witnessed is now a meaningless memory forever lost to the evil supremacy that are those zebras that come strutting up and down the field like a flock of daft monkeys.

Football is a contact sport. Players are meant to get concussions, broken bones, and torn ACL’s. It’s their job, their sacrifice for our viewing pleasure. Of course safety is a concern but please let these 300 pound gorillas just duke it out.  I would have killed to see gladiator battles back in ancient Rome. Warriors fighting to the death for the glory of the deafening crowd. Now that sounds like entertainment. Unfortunately our society has some kind of ethical code that prevents such awesome events from happening so we are stuck with the next best thing: football. Rules are set in place to maintain fairness throughout the game, not restrict its every moment to make absolutely sure that any little shove after the whistle is blown meets a strict punishment. Nobody cares about that crap. All these officials are doing is turning off fans to one of America’s greatest achievements. This penalty debauchery needs to end or else we’ll all stop watching football and start watching Fútbol.

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