Thanks for Giving

The mother of all meals

Very few times during the year can a family be brought together and enjoy a meal with one another. Rarer still is such an occasion that occurs within the bosom of friendliness and fraternity. Thanksgiving is that time of the year. Although it is an extremely important factor, the food is not the most important part of the holiday. It doesn’t matter if you’re somewhat estranged from your loved ones or have built a state of loathing upon every time they enter through the door. They are still you’re flesh and blood and they (like most good holidays) are what Thanksgiving is truly about.

There is something mystic about the fourth Thursday of the year. Maybe it’s the autumn air or the spirit of dead turkeys everywhere that changes the atmosphere. Young ones aren’t as annoying, the leaves look inspiring and football is just so much more exciting. A familiar face makes the best company and Thanksgiving does this better than any other holiday. I’m not even mentioning the unsung benefits like a week of beloved leftovers or gut-busting memories of relatives that self-indulged just a little too much. Also to consider is that Thanksgiving inspired one of the greatest holiday horror films of all time: Thankskilling. Yes someone did make a movie about a homicidal turkey who hacks off gullible twenty somethings one by one. Thankfully (no pun intended) the film is on Netflix and it is a great comedic treat for anybody interested in killer turkeys.

What better way to wrap this post up than to wish all my readers a very happy Thanksgiving. Just make sure to leave room for stuffing.

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