Decrepit Drivers

It’s not every afternoon that you get stuck behind one, but when you do it feels like eternity

It is just a basic truth that there will always, undoubtedly be lousy drivers on the road. There are all kinds of them. There are frantics who just spend their lives rushing from place to place without any regard for others. Texters and makeup-appliers who feel the need to share their attention on driving with more “important” matters. Overly aggressive drivers who place a little too much confidence in themselves. Teens who are just stepping into the adult world. The list goes on but there is one class of horrible drivers that always seems to appear no matter where the driver goes.

I am referring to the elderly of whom I have the utmost respect for with the exception of their motor-skills. Between their insistence of obeying every speed limit in existence, slow reaction capabilities and terrifying tendencies to swerve at random intervals, old people are the main reason I dislike getting into my car. I always pass them by and stare at them with the deadliest stink eye I can muster, but it usually proves to no avail as they are almost always blatantly oblivious to the outside world. I’ve heard news that senior citizens may be required to retake driving tests at a certain age at which I reply “Thank God in heaven.” Hopefully the DMV will take notice of their atrocious driving and rescue the rest of us from going 22 mph for three blocks when all we want to do is get home before we turn as old as they are.

How important is it that the elderly drive anyway? By that time I’m sure they are collecting social security and have at least one relative that can go out and get whatever they need. I would grant maybe one car trip every year for a senior citizen lest they become the death of us all.

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