The guitar’s underrated Hawaiian cousin

A sweet, subtle medley can come from surprising places, namely an instrument like the ukulele. This small, stringed, wooden instrument hailing from our distant state of Hawaiian has the mystic power to entrance the audience with its pleasant and light-hearted sounds. Artists have brought attention to this curious music maker for decades because ukuleles make the most out of a little. Songs like “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” and “I’m Yours” are revitalized through a simple, little instrument. People commonly overlook ukes just because they think they are incapable of playing the same songs their overgrown cousins the electric and acoustic guitars can. The truth is that this isn’t true. Ukuleles can play almost any song and it ends up sounding like a neat version of the original. Below are some hugely successful ukuleles tunes that we should be thanking those natives halfway across the world for.



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