Troll Corner: Skyrim

Worth all the hype?

Behind all the shiny graphics, endless landscapes, and seemingly unlimited playtime, there lies a fatal flaw within Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Players discover this flaw upon realizing that when stripped down to its core, Skyrim is merely a recycled 1st person RPG. Yes there may be new environments, spells, scary dragons, and weapons but the rehashed playing mechanics remain unaltered from previous versions. Take for instance the combat situations of the game. The player flicks his sword or other pointy weapon at the enemy, retreats several steps, waits for the attack and attacks again with perhaps a different method like a shiny blue orb spell or something. This process is then repeated until the enemy combatant is finally and gruelingly defeated. But wait! This time there are winged beasts! Apparently these dragons have adaptable AI intelligence making an encounter different every time. However this too fails to make a difference in the long run. The same three methods of attack will inevitably be reproduced: melee combat, ranged combat, and magic.

If there is any upside to this overrated digital fantasy, it lies in the fact that it is an aesthetically stunning work of art. That doesn’t mean people are jumping out of their chairs to try to play a work from Vincent Van Gogh, but rather that it could be enjoyed visually. You can’t blame Skyrim itself but rather to blame is the fact that it is a piece of a regrettable genre of video games. Games that require hundreds hours of playing time and the sacrifice of any social or healthy interactions. Time will prove the ultimate answer whether or not Skyrim is worth the hype and public mania is has so far received but reader be warned. This game will try the very depths of your soul. Numberless quests will be your life’s obsession, all contact with the outside world will become obsolete, eventually your limbs will be crushed under the harrowing weight you will gain. Become well acquainted with your couch young warrior, because that will be the only meaningful relationship you will have.

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  1. this is fucking stupid lol

  2. I actually agree with JP’s points. Sure, it may be a good game, but almost every single fan boy skyrim supporter sees it as the second coming of christ so they cant come to terms with how basic the gameplay concepts and lack of multiplayer dont appeal to many people.

  3. i thought i had an opinion on this article……….. BUT THEN I TOOK… a nap and forgot(;

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