Siri-ous Business

One more step toward sci-fi reality

Leaps and bounds have been made by technology over recent years by various companies and research groups. Apple, a company that everyone is familiar with played no small part in this development. Introduced on Apple’s newest iPhone is the app Siri. Siri is basically an automated assistance tool that the user simply uses by asking it a question. The app then in return responses with either a vocal/written reply or a link to the appropriate source. Never has it been seen before AI of such a powerful magnitude. IBM has its Watson but Apple has its Siri which are both frighteningly remarkable as far electronic capabilities go.

If there is one thing science fiction writers believe is essential to realize is that computers will advance rapidly and that we must keep it controlled while our race can steadily adjust and advance. I cannot make up my mind whether I can yet accept this new device because it is haunting and foreboding to think that I need to talk to a robot to extract the information I need. Pop culture has kept us readily on watch with movies like I Robot, 2001: A Space Odyssey, Minority Report, The Terminator and with video games like Portal. So far our human intellect has been able to keep computers in check but we still need to keep a strong guard against any robot overlords that might be trying to dig their claws into our world. Hopefully that won’t be for a while but until then I’ll be keeping my human safe house supplied and ready for the automaton apocalypse.

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