Abuse and Misuse of Sarcasm

A powerful but misunderstood weapon

There are times to capitalize on the conversational miscues and follies of one another in almost every conversation. With practice people can summon up their sarcastic prowess with instantaneous ease, completely blind siding every victim in their path. Unfortunately there are times when this powerful tool is improperly used.

Poor inexperienced souls just blandly toss around sarcastic comments like they were used napkins, never realizing the true mutilation they have committed to our beautiful language. I am talking about when people make over obvious sarcastic comments that are virtually impossible not to detect just because they feel like it is a wittier answer to an obvious question Example: “Are you going home after school?” “No, I would much rather stay here and continue to learn because I love school so very much .” Such is a case where the sarcastic response is neither necessary nor funny. It’s almost like when your grandmother tells a really corny joke and you fake laugh to make her feel important. Other times people just use sarcasm as a response to everything you say. This overuse just sounds poisonous to the ears.

Sarcasm is a powerful linguistic item that very few should be licensed to use. If you can’t handle being witty than please don’t try.

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  1. I actually thought the sarcastic after-school comment was funny.

  2. I love this article. This is so true and having just experienced a situation where someone I dated for a few weeks was NON STOP sarcastic, it became toxic and felt abusive and yet it was powerful because it does require above average intelligence and I am drawn to that in men.

    It was saddening and yet there was always room to be sarcastic about my feelings. I am happy to read that it wasn’t just my super sensitivity that felt something was very unsettling about never ending sarcasm. In other articles it’s actually considered a form of abuse.I can completely understand why after this experience.

  3. I’m glad you can relate. It seems like more and more people think they can be clever just by saying the opposite of what they mean. It’s really an art form though that needs to be honed

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