Death of the Home Phone

To no one’s surprise, wireless has won the fight

Looking in the average home today, what are you most likely to find? Apparently not a home phone as it has been reported that land-line based connections have been steadily decreasing from 6-8 percent since 2000. It doesn’t come as a surprise that home-based telephones have become dinosaurs in an age that is abundant with newer technology like cellphones and Skype. I have a rotary phone in my basement that is still connected and I use it every once in a while just so I can feel like I’m in the 70’s. It’s just plain weird to think that our one tool in getting touch with our friends from house to house has become virtually non-existent in our lives. Even people who still have their home phones have forgotten what the number is because there are still cobwebs surrounding the headset.

I can remember when caller-id was the coolest thing ever especially when it appeared on your T.V. but even that has just become an inconvenience. With families having to choose between a land-line or wireless it is understandable that most would opt for the device that is more easily accessible to them and can do a plethora of more things than just call people. As for me, I’ll still be playing with the rotary until my time-machine fantasy dies away from maturation.


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  1. That is SOOOOO funny because the other night we were over a friend’s house and they still have an old rotary phone in their kitchen. When a visiting teen relative asked to use the phone, she picked up the receiver and just stared at the dial. “How does this work?” she asked. Pretty funny stuff. Glad you still appreciate the “classics.”

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