The Hallows of Halloween

The scariest parts of Halloween aren’t the monsters

In the heart of autumn, change is vibrant in the air. The leaves are turning color, the weather is creeping slowly toward the icy abyss, and the year is finally winding down. One of the many noted holidays occurring during the end of the year is also of the most animated and misconstrued day of observance: Halloween. It’s a holiday as we know filled with characters, candy and craziness right? Unfortunately so, and I only choose to address it this way because modern society has taken its toll on the spirit of the holiday. Take this moment to imagine me as an old man with thick glasses sitting on a rocking chair. In my withered and grainy voice, “Back in my day the youngsters always did a pony-show to get their candy. Nowadays they’re sprintin to your door and sticking out their fancy plastic containers for you to rotten their gums with.” When some friends and I addressed this point after having trick-or-treaters approach our house the mother of the children knowingly replied “You’re lucky you’re getting a ‘trick-or-treat’.” What will it come to? Eventually kids will burst through our front doors shoving their mountainous bags at us demanding for sugary sweets that will be stockpiled in the corner of their bedroom for the next three weeks. There is less focus taken on the fun nature of the holiday and more being placed on the instantaneous rewards (for god’s sake your showing up to my house dressed as a freak and getting candy as a reward the least that you can do is some kind of half-hearted tune to at least pretend like you deserve the candy). We’re turning into the beings that haunt us in the scary movies the most:zombies. Hallowed out beings desensitized to the traditional pleasures of a genuinely fun-loving holiday. Now that is the scariest part of Halloween.

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