Television Tyranny

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I will admit that I am not always an easy going person, but I can tolerate a decent amount of crap. Watching one of my favorite shows today It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia my somewhat peaceful temperament was critically destroyed. I was told by a concerned looking cast member of the show in a quick announcement that Directv is dropping FX starting November 1st. FX has been one of my favorite stations to watch because every Thursday night my brother and I watch Sunny and The League which keeps us in stitches every single week. As a DirecTV costumer, I placed my loyalty and trust into this television provider for a long time. This recent travesty is horrifying and I am ashamed that the system has abused its power but not surprised. After Netflix’s recent financial takeover it seems like the entertainment industry has taken a turn for the malignant. I am extremely disappointed in DirecTV and if they make no attempt to keep FX then consider me gone. Head over to and find out for yourself the negotiation situation going on right now between DirecTV and the Fox Network. Lend your support because the power should be in OUR hands, not theirs.

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  1. I’m a Direct TV user as well and I am upset about this as well. Not only will we be losing FX, but National Geographic (Good Channel) and Speed (may not be important to some but it is to me since it’s essentially a NASCAR & auto-racing channel). I’m curious as to know what you and or others are doing about the situation in your case….

    • If DirecTV does not try to make amends with the Fox Network than I am switching to another television provider and I encourage everyone else to do the same

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