Some of the Most Important Musicians of All Time: Joe Satriani

One wild ride since the mid-eighties

Combining his virtuoso abilities with an unconventional style Joe Satriani is a guitarist unlike any other. When listening to his work it immediately stands out from the rest by sounding fresh and sometimes even futuristic. Joe started his solo career around 1986 but didn’t break out until he released his Surfing with the Alien album (1987). Here listeners were first exposed to two-handed tapping techniques, whammy distortion and more that was unfamiliar for the time period. He had many pupils during his career including Kirk Hammett from Metallica and Steve Vai. Satriani is a furious picker that blends smoothing sounding melodies with catchy rhythms that are very unconventional yet successful. Satriani has an illustrious career that has spanned over two decades and has included numerous albums and tours. He regularly collaborates with well-respected musicians and is recognized as a well-respected guitarist that many bands would be more than happy to include within their ranks.

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  1. wow he is insane. Never even heard of him but thanks for the info!

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