Successful Sequels

They’re not all bad you know

Contrary to popular belief, there are some well-made movie sequels out there. They are very rare and it takes a decent deal of recollection to bring at least a few to mind. Here I have assimilated just a couple of classic films that pretty much every one has enjoyed even though they help represent Hollywood’s interminable greed for the big bucks.

1. Toy Story 2

Pixar is renowned for creating heart-warming, family friendly flicks for years but they really struck gold on the Toy Story franchise. Number 2 consisted of Buzz and the rest of the crew searching for Woody who had been accidentally taken off to another person’s house. There Woody is introduced to a new series of toys that sprung from his own television show. The new characters are just as timeless as the original and the underlying theme of enjoying toys during youth really hits home and is can be relatable to viewers of all ages.








2. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers

It is hardly fair to include such an epic trilogy because each movie is part of the same story, but there is still relevance in this choice. By no means is it easy to bring such an epic piece of literature to life but Peter Jackson managed to bring it all together by seemingly natural means. Each movie in the trilogy is regarded as better than the last and rightly so due to the increased level of character development, effects, plot and the scale of forces involved.








3. The Dark Knight

Christopher Nolan’s perspective on Gotham’s caped crusader has shocked the world twice. Unlike any of the films before, The Dark Knight delves deep into the dark crevices in the Batman universe revealing much more than viewers could hope to imagine. The Dark Knight slowly reveals its layers as the film progresses, culminating in a masterpiece that few expected. Heath Ledger’s masterful performance as the demented Joker solidify The Dark Knight’s position in the comic book movie hall of fame.







4. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back

Once again a film that is part of an ulterior cinematic saga, The Empire Strikes Back is unique through the fact that it remains as the greatest in the entire series. Darth Vader’s reveal is probably the greatest movie twist of all time and the events surrounding this event are equally well executed. The film’s protagonist, Luke Skywalker, undergoes great changes that change his Jedi destiny forever. Witnessing this metamorphosis is compelling along with all the sweet lines Empire offers (“Luke I am your father.” “Do or do not there is no try.”). I’m pretty comfortable with saying that Empire Strikes Back is the best Star Wars movie ever made which is saying a lot considering that the franchise has grossed hundreds of millions of dollars over the past thirty some years.






5. The Godfather: Part II

Honestly I don’t even feel comfortable writing about such an awe-inspiring piece of a masterwork, it just seems plain wrong. Everybody who can pick up a remote knows why Part Two is the greatest sequel of all time or at least they should. The Corleone family is a name as recognizable as Santa Claus because their story is one ridden with power, fear, love, honor, family, and loyalty all embedded in the dark annals of the Italian Mafia. Michael, the heir to his father’s family throne rules with a ruthless fist and holds fear in the hearts of all that are in his path. The dark rise of Michael are fascinating to witness, I can’t think of a scene I didn’t love from the montage opening to the Micheal’s chilling lines in the conclusion. For these and numerous more reasons, The Godfather Part II will always hold the honor of the greatest sequel of all time.



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