The Academy Awards

I would like to thank the idiots that made this post possible

There is a place somewhere between the alleys of mafioso extortion and political correctness that houses an evil behemoth that claims worldwide attention every year. Of course this behemoth is the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences and the place is the Kodak Theater. Every year we are subject to a presentation of grandiose debauchery like a parade of nuclear missiles. It is a shame that genuinely good movies have to suffer being exhibited by the googling masses all for an eight pound memorandum of self-admiration. I wish they would try to break the same pattern just for once maybe mix in some ridiculous and nonsensical film like The Expendables just to shake things up because this pony show isn’t getting any better anyway. Maybe if award shows were abolished T.V. programming would get better…probably not but it wouldn’t hurt to try.

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